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Here are my US Navy WWII aircraft. All are 1/48 scale.

Here is Monogram's B-25G Mitchell painted in mkgs of a Navy PBJ-1. Only thing I did was paint it in navy tri-color scheme and put on national insignia. no other markings.

This is Monogram's OS2U Kingfisher. Built straight out of the box with exception of Aeromaster decals depicting aircraft from USS Arizona November 1941.

This is the Otaki F6F-3 Hellcat. Depicts "White 17" of VF-27 off of the USS Princeton 1944. Aeromaster Decals and True Detail wheels

This is Monogram's TBD-1 Devastator. Its in the markings of T-9 of VT-8 off the USS Hornet June 4, 1942 Battle of Midway, Piloted by Lt. James Charles Owens Jr. Lt. Owens who was the XO of VT-8, and lost his life along with his gunner ARM1c Amelio Maffei on that day. Ens George Gay was the sole survivor of VT-8 off of the Hornet

This kit was built straight from the box with the exception of Aeromaster Decals and a scavenged twin .30cal guns piece from an Accurate Miniatures SBD. All the aircraft in VT-8 from the Hornet had the single .30cal changed to a twin mount. The aircraft number markings came from an Accurate Miniatures SBD sheet.

This is the Accruate Miniatures SBD-3 Dauntless. It depicts B-16 from VB-3 USS Yorktown June 4, 1942 Battle of Midway piloted by Lt.jg Osborne Beeman Wiseman and gunner ARM3c Grant Ulysses Dawn

The kit was built straight from the box. This is the USS Yorktown Battle of Midway boxing of the kit and they made a mistake in the boxing. In order to get the twin .30cal machine guns, they put the sprue from the SBD-5 in the box. This is fine except you get the wrong cowl top piece. But, Accurate miniatures is a great business,because a quick email to them and the sent the correct part free of charge.

This is the fantastic Monogram PBY-5 Catalina. I was so excited when they finally did a 1/48 scale Cat. This one deptics 14-P-1, Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. This aircraft, piloted by Ens. William P. Tanner simultaniously dropped depth charges on a Japanese mini sub outside the harbor entrance at the same time that the USS Ward fired upon the same sub. This aircraft is therefore credited with firing the first air shots of WWII by the United States.

This kit was built straight from the box except Yellowhammer Decals. This is one that I dont have anymore. I would like to build another one and also do the PBY-5A

This is the Tamiya F4F Wildcat. It depicts F17 from VF-8 USS Hornet June 4, 1942 Battle of Midway, Piloted by Ens. Steven W. Groves. Ens Groves was part of the Hornets Air Cap when Bombers from the INJ Carrier Hiryu tried to bomb the USS Yorktown. Ens Groves downed one bomber before being shot down himself and killed.

This was built straight out of the box with the exception of Aeromaster decals.