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Here is my collection of P-51 Mustangs....I have several..You can never have too many Mustangs.....

Lee Archer

This is the Tamiya 1/48 P-51B Mustang in the markings of 302nd FS, 332nd FG Tuskegee Airmen "INA The Macon Belle" Pilot 1st Lt. Lee "Buddy" Archer.

This kit was built straight from the box except the decals which came from a Warbird Decal sheet.

This kit is Tamiya 1/48 P-51D Mustang in the markings of 100th FS, 332nd FG Tuskegee Airmen "Bunnie/Miss Kentucky State" Pilot Capt. Roscoe C. Brown who was the CO of the Squadron.

This kit was built straight from the box except the decals which is from the same Warbird Decals sheet as the previously shown B model.

This is Tamiya 1/48 P-51B "Shangri-La" Piloted by Capt. Don Gentile of the 4th FG

This kit was built straight from the box except for true detail wheels

Another Tamiya P-51D straight from the box except the Superscale Decals. This one depicts "Katydid",Piloted by Lt. Col. Elwyn Righetti, 338thFS and CO of 55th FG. Col Righetti was shot down and survived the crash but was killed by civillians.

This kit was another straight from the box except the decals are from Aeromaster.

Next up is a classic kit...The old Monogram 1/48 P-51D Mustang. This one has True Detail Wheels and SuperScale markings of "Petie 2nd" Piloted by Lt. Col. John Meyer 487FS, 352FG. Also, with the help of a modeling buddy, The flaps have been lowered.

This is another Monogram Mustang. This is a great kit for its time. This one depicts "Miss Miami" Piloted by Lt. Rep Jones of the 77FS/20FG

This one was built straight from the box with Super Scale decals.

This is another Tamiya Mustang..Taken from the F-51D Korean War kit.. Its the same as the 8th AF kit only they give you an extra sprue tree with uncuffed prop blades, new spinner, missles and bombs.

This one depicts "Kwitcherbitchen" Piloted by Capt William B. Lawrence Jr. and Capt Alan J. Kinvig of the 457th FS/506th FG Iwo Jima 1945...I had to do this one to go with my P-47D of the same name, look at that page (Other USAAF) to read the story of why Kwitcherbitchen is so significant to me...Its kinda funny.

This one was kind of unusual. It has 2 VHF antanaes on the top behind the canopy and one on the bottom just forward of the main gear. I also saw a color profile of this aircraft in a book at the bookstore and it showed the plane with an all green tail. I like the stripes better

Heres a good one. Another Tamiya Mustang "Passion Wagon" piloted by 1st Lt.. Arval J. Roberson of the 362nd FS/357th FG, The Yoxford Boys...

This kit was built pretty much straight from the box except for the decals...I used decal invasion stripes which were a royal pain in the butt...the other decals were the Monogram Pro-Modeler decals that were real brittle..I had to hit them with several coats of clear to use them...the checkerboard around the nose was from a SuperScale sheet....

And now here is Lt. Roberson's D model Mustang...also a Tamiya kit

This started out to be a pain in the you know where build. I started out with Loon Models no cut conversion. It is 2 complete fuselage halves made out of resin and a seperate rudder. The one I got had alot of flash and didnt look real good, so I tried cutting the tail off of it and the kit fuselage to change them out but it wouldnt fit right.. So I put the kit up for awhile. I then found an Ultracast resin tail on Ebay and bought it. That tail fit like a glove and here we are with Passion Wagon. The decals are an old Microscale sheet I got from a friend. They were old and brittle but with alittle clear coat they worked.

I havent put any drop tanks on yet because I am not sure if I can use the 75gal steel tanks or if I have to use the 108gal paper tanks. I can scavenge the paper tanks out of a couple of Monogram kits I have, if I can make them fit. Also I didnt put the Invasion Stripes on the bottom. I have seen pictures of the aircraft without them

This last one here is both Passion Wagons....

Here is Major C.E. "Bud" Anderson's P-51B Mustang "Old Crow" of the 357FG. Bud Anderson had 4 Mustangs. He also had a P-39 for training and also flew an F-105D in Viet Nam...

This is, as usual with me, a Tamiya Mustang...The decals are from an old SuperScale sheet

Another Tamiya P-51B is Anderson's second P-51B with the Malcom Hood...He flew this aircraft on D-Day June 6, 1944...

Kit was pretty much out of the box except, Tamiya, in their infinate wisdom...NOT!!!, decided to mold the Malcom hood in the closed position...If you cut it open the open piece will not fit correctly over the fuselage....You can get a Vac Formed hood from Squadron but its bad if you are not skilled in cutting Vac Form..So, I used the open piece from the old Monogram kit...It fits perfectly....I also used the same piece on the Passion Wagon B model...The decals are from Mustang International...they have a outstanding sheet that does the B model and both D models...also has markings for Chuck Yeager's Glamorous Glennis....

Tamiya's fabulous D model Mustang in OD Green/Gray in the livrey of Anderson's Old Crow...

The decals on this one are from Mustang International...

Here is Major C.E. "Bud" Anderson's bare metal P-51D Mustang "Old Crow" of the 357FG.

This is the Tamiya Kit built straight from the box, well, sort of....I broke a gear strut and, well Thank God for an ICM kit in the spares box...I have scavanged alot out of that kit...The decals are Super Scale...

This was the first Old Crow I built...Gotta love those Tamiya Mustangs...they beat all the others hands my opinion.