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Here are a few US Navy Blue Angels all in 1/48 Scale...I want to do all the aircraft they flew in 1/48 but its proving to be kinda are the ones I have so far.....

BA Hellcat

First up is the first plane the Angels performed in. The Grumman F6F Hellcat.

This is the fantastic Hasegawa Hellcat. I built it pretty much straight from the box. The decals were made on my printer but didnt turn out to good so I went over them with gold paint...I should have waited because there are now decals out for this.

Dont look too bad from a distance...I didn't put the US NAVY on the bottom of the wings because I couldnt find any referance that it was there...but later found out it was...But now there is a company that makes aftermarket correct decals for this aircraft and I will be correcting it in the near future...

I have recently purchased a set of decals for this plane from Draw Decals. They make specialty markings for planes, Mostly airliners but they also do other aircraft. The decals look better than the ones I did. I'm just depating on whether to repaint this kit and apply decals or just get a new kit to build and give this one to my grandson.

This kit is Hobby Craft 1/48 F8F Bearcat built straight from the box.

This is a very simple kit, not much detail but looks nice...I used plain ol' testors Dark Sea Blue spray paint.

This is a Monogram F9F Panther built straight from the box using Super Scale decals for the Blue Angels.

COMING SOON - F9F-8 Cougar....I have the Fondaire Miniatures kit for this plane with Blue Angels markings..

COMING SOON - F11F-1 Tiger....I have the Fondaire Miniatures kit for this plane with Blue Angels markings. This is the long nose version. I also hope to do a short nose in 1/48 scale.

COMING SOON - F-4J Phantom II..This will be the Hasegawa kit with CAM Pro decals...This is my favorite of the Blue Angels..

COMING SOON - A-4F Skyhawk (Scooter) This will be the Revell/Monogram Pro-Modeller kit..pretty much will be straight from the box unless I can find aftermarket decals and to make it more accurate the Cutting Edge Super Fox conversion...and if I can ever afford one also Coming Soon will be the 2 seater TA-4J....

COMING SOON - F/A-18 Hornet..This will be the Hasegawa kit with CAM Pro decals...I also have a Hasegawa F/A-18B with Super Scale decals for the two seat #7 aircraft....